Whether you have an urban garden, a terrace or a countryside garden... Our outdoor- and garden lighting comes in many shapes and sizes to make your garden, terrace or facade look stunning.

Pure and high quality

With our outdoor and garden lighting collections, we offer you sleek and high-quality lighting fixtures for your garden, terrace and/or façade. From dusk till dawn, they provide illumination for your garden, terrace or façade, ensuring a safe and atmospheric feeling.


Garden lighting and façade lighting with a sleek design

We fully opt for luminaires with built-in LEDs. This lighting offers you a very high-quality fixture whose lifespan, waterproofness and energy efficiency cannot be matched by other lighting types. This also goes hand in hand with sleek designs. Often minimally present in your field of view during the day.


Tailor-made outdoor lighting

We chose some strong A-brands where all your luminaires are manufactured to order. This ensures exceptional flexibility in options, luminaire colours, light colours and mounting options.
The colour of light also matters to you. For example, 2700K (very warm white) and 3000K (warm white) are used in Belgian gardens. Which suits your preference best? Check our faq on light colours.


Project meeting

We are happy to discuss the project with you, your garden architect, and/or garden contractor to suggest the appropriate lighting fixtures. Our offer consists of a wide range of overhead spotlights, spotlights on bollards, built-in ground spots, freestanding garden- and patio lights, IP68 LED lines and bollards for lighting paths and borders. We also have a wide range for your facade lighting, from robust-country to sleek-modern.


Drawing up a lighting design plan

The lighting appearance is more important than you might think. A beautiful-looking luminaire with an incorrect lighting pattern or an incorrect light colour can have a disappointing effect. Because Form follows Function, also in your outdoor areas.

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