Below you will find answers to frequently asked questions.

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What are the standard planting depths for root mounted columns?

5m – 800mm
6m – 1000mm
8m – 1200mm 
10m – 1500mm 

What is the typical colour temperature of your LED luminaires?


Exceptionally also: Amber, RGB(W), HCL / Tunable white or Dim to Warm

Are all Fosfari columns supplied with a door, backboard and fuse?

Yes. All of Fosfari's columns are complete with secure recessed industry standard triangular headed bolts. They also all have a backboard with a central earth 
termination point and fuse.

Do you also supply wall mounts, attachments, brackets and other consoles?

Yes, we supply all standard accessories. We also provide specific custom-made solutions for projects.

Can you explain IP (Ingress Protection) ratings?

IP55 – dust protected and 6.3mm water jet protected 
IP65 – dust tight and 6.3mm water jet protected 
IP66 – dust tight and 12.5mm heavy water jet protected 
IP67 – dust tight and water immersion up to 1m 
IP68 – dust tight and water immersion beyond 1m

Can you explain the product electrical classes?

Class 1 – These appliances must have their chassis connected to electrical earth 
Class 2 – Double insulated, does not require a safety connection to electrical earth 
Class 3– supplied from a separated/safety extra-low voltage power source

What is an IK value ?

The IK value stands for the impact resistance of a luminaire. In the event of mechanical impact, luminaires must remain intact and electrical safety and IP rating must not be compromised.

IK 00 - No resistance;
IK 01 - Shock resistance of 0.15 J;
IK 02 - Shock resistance of 0.2 J (standard open luminaire);
IK 03 - Shock resistance of 0.35 J (standard luminaire with polymethacrylate shielding);
IK 04 - Impact resistance 0.5 J;
IK 05 - Impact resistance 0.7 J (open luminaire with reinforced optics);
IK 06 - Impact resistance 1 J;
IK 07 - Impact resistance 2 J (reinforced optics);
IK 08 - Impact resistance 5 J (closed luminaire with polycarbonate or glass shield, protected against vandalism);
IK 09 - Impact resistance 10 J;
IK 10 - Shock resistance 20 J (vandal-proof enclosed luminaire).


Do you offer free deliveries?

Yes. Orders over €450 qualify for free delivery within Belgium. Special deliveries are available on request.

Returns & Complaints

How do I return goods?

Please contact us by email or phone to discuss your return and receive a return reference. If your return is approved you will receive this reference which you will add to your return.

How do I complain?

Please contact us by email or phone to pass on your message. Together we will look for a suitable solution