Public Space



We have built up an extensive experience in this market segment because we have carried out a large number of projects in the public space in recent years.

Whether it concerns street lighting, illumination of parks and squares, tunnels, bridges, stations or facade lighting of prominent buildings, Fosfari is the experienced partner who will help shape your project from concept to execution.

Functional lighting

A properly lit public space is a safe public space. That is why our research department is available for calculations and advice in accordance with the applicable standards. 


Smart City & Interactive Public lighting  

The architecture of our lighting systems allows you to control and monitor your installation remotely. In addition, the application of smart sensors allows you to collect additional data and thus achieve additional savings.


Public lighting as an embellishment

In addition to the functional illumination of the public space, there is also the aspect of embellishment of the space. If applied in an adequate, serving manner, public lighting is an important factor as part of urban development, a focus on cultural heritage or a driving force for tourism and culture.


005 Approved luminaires

We have a comprehensive list of 005 approved luminaires. Get in contact to find out your ideal solution.

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