Lighting for Sports Facilities



Looking for a new lighting installation for your indoor or outdoor sports facility? From olympic swimming pools to mountainbike tracks? Fosfari is your perfect partner for (re-) lighting projects of sports facilities.


Why Fosfari?

At sports facilities, the illumination is of high importance for the experience of athletes as well as fans. For exemple the Glare, sufficient luminous intensity and evenly distributed light across the fields, tracks, and spaces are of high importance.

We support you and your project, based on our knowledge of these values.

When asked for, we can also support with lighting calculations, audit of existing situations, planning of luminaire placement, installation, commissioning of new system and/or LAAS solutions (Lighting as a service).


Our brands

Our brands, which deliver fixtures for sports facilities, are known for their quality combined with detailed project 

Brands: AEC Illuminazione and ENIM Lighting


Below, you can view some of the possibilities we offer.

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